Supermarket accidents

Slips and trips in a supermarket can be painful and embarrassing moments, but they can also cause serious injury that can leave you unable to move around or work.

Supermarket accidents

Slips and trips in a supermarket can be painful and embarrassing moments, but they can also cause serious injury that can leave you unable to move around or work.

Our personal injury solicitors can identify if you have a claim online or over the phone, and can help make sure you get the personal injury compensation you deserve.

Nobody expects to come away injured after a routine trip to the shop but you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim if it is because of a supermarket’s negligence.

How do supermarket accidents happen?

Supermarkets and shops are prone to accidents because they deal with a number of potential hazards and items that cause spillages. There are safety regulations and procedures set by the Heath and Safety Executive which outline how supermarkets can keep shoppers and staff safe.

If these rules are not followed correctly, then accidents such as slips, trips, and accidents involving machinery are more likely to occur.

Do I have a claim?

Like all public businesses, supermarkets are required to follow certain guidelines and regulations to keep their customers and visitors safe whilst at their premises.

You are likely to be able to claim if you were injured in part due to:

  • spills or other hazards such as a tripping hazard were not properly signposted;
  • spills and hazards were not removed in a quick and efficient manner;
  • structures and equipment that could cause harm was not properly maintained;
  • the environment was unsafe or was contaminated; or
  • other Health and Safety standards were not met.

There are other qualifying factors needed to be able to make a personal injury claim, such as the severity of your injuries, its impact on your life, and whether the accident happened in the last three years.

We offer free impartial advice on whether you can make a claim either by completing our online form, or calling our claim team on 0800 29 800 29. Alternatively, request a callback on this page and we will call you back.

Wet floors

Supermarkets often have wet floors whether it be part of floor cleaning, occasional leaks from chilling cabinets and freezers, or from a spillage of liquid items. Rainy days also make for wet floors as shoppers will walk water into the shop.

In order to keep you safe, supermarkets should ensure that floors are dried as quickly as possible. They should also place warning signs to advise customers and staff that a floor is wet and to take caution so as not to slip.

If these things are not done and you have slipped as a result, you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation against the supermarket.

Tripping hazards

There are many tripping hazards in a supermarket as any item could potentially trip up a customer or a member of staff. Supermarkets must keep aisles clear of tripping hazards and ensure that that items do not easily fall onto the floor so as to become a tripping hazard.

If you’re injured in a trip from any tripping hazard not handled by staff in a timely manner, you might be able to make a claim.


Equipment used to store and transport stock including shelves, racking, roll cages, and forklifts should be continuously checked to ensure that they are in good working order.

Unsafe structures and equipment can collapse or malfunction and cause crushing injuries to unsuspecting staff and shoppers. Anyone who has fell victim to a crush injury due to negligence in maintaining structures and equipment might be able to claim personal injury compensation.

Frequently asked questions

Personal injury compensation can help ensure that you have what you need to plan for the future and put you back in a situation that is as similar as possible to before the incident.

Compensation is calculated to cover a number of factors including:

  • the severity and impact of the injury
  • loss of earnings
  • costs of treatment
  • costs of equipment needed for day-to-day living
  • required aftercare or continuous care
  • house adjustments (such as ramps, modified rooms)
  • costs of re-training if a career change is unavoidable

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you are putting yourself in the best possible position both financially and in terms of finding the correct support going forward by enquiring about claiming personal injury compensation.

Our expert personal injury solicitors and experienced personal injury claim team will be able to breakdown what to expect from a claim and how it is calculated to ensure that any compensation you successfully claim puts you in the best position for now and for you and your family’s future.

There are three ways you can start your claim with Claim Today:

  1. Use our quick and easy online form – we’ll ask you about the incident and your injuries and let you know if you could have a claim; or
  2. Call our team on 0800 29 800 29 and we’ll guide you through the steps to see if you have a claim; or
  3. Use one of our live chat functions on this website, or on Facebook Messenger.

By contacting Claim Today, we will let you know whether you have a personal injury claim and give you the information you need to start a claim.

Should you claim with Claim Today, we will pass on your matter to one of our experienced and specialist personal injury solicitors to carry out your matter in a courteous and efficient manner.

As part of our commitment to keeping claims simple, we make personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis, removing the financial risk of making a claim. You will not need to pay your legal costs should your claim be unsuccessful, meaning that you can claim with no need to worry about the finances involved.

Our claim handlers will inform you whether you qualify for a no win no fee agreement and how much you would pay should your personal injury claim be successful (known as a success fee). This will never more than 25% including the price of after-the-event insurance, and is typically less than this.

Serious injuries are best identified by how long they’ve needed treatment for, if you are unable to return to work and how long you are unable to return to work, as well as if you need assistance in completing day-to-day tasks.

If your injury has impacted your life in a way that has set you back financially or it will do so in the future, then it is likely to be serious enough to enquire about making a claim.

The main things that you might be able to claim against are:

  • care and equipment both current and future;
  • loss of earnings, as well as potential future earnings if your future progression has been impacted as a result of the injury; and
  • the loss of being able to participate in activities such as sport or learning particular skills that you are now unable to due to your injury.

We do receive claim enquiries from people who are calling on behalf of somebody else, mainly parents on behalf of children, or spouses on behalf of their partners – particularly in cases of more serious injuries including comas and brain injuries.

You can certainly start the process on someone else’s behalf, and we will guide you through the steps needed to ensure that it is as simple as possible through this difficult time. You can start by using our online form, requesting a callback, or by calling us on 0800 29 800 29.

Under the upcoming personal injury reforms in 2020, a more claimants will have to go through the small claims court. Namely those whose injury claims from road traffic accidents are likely to recover £5,000, and £2,000 for other claims. The current threshold for small claims is £1,000.

Most firms will not be able to represent those who go through small claims due to the costs involved, meaning that you would have to take the claim on yourself. We may be able to assist you with making your application, to see if we can call us on 0800 29 800 29.

Claim Today has been a personal injury specialist brand for over twenty years, handling personal injury claims concerning injuries from road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, or accidents in public and shops.

It is our mission to ensure that everyone has access to legal assistance with their claims. Thousands of people have claimed personal injury compensation with us to help rebuild their lives and get the care and assistance they need.

We work with personal injury firms up and down the country to provide you with expert advice and a high-quality service so your claim is managed in the best way possible, suited to your needs and circumstances.

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