Baby boomers hit by housing crisis, finds National Housing Federation

Staggering results have revealed how many people over 50 have been hit by the housing crisis, thanks to research from the National Housing Federation.

In the last year more than 44% of private renters in England aged over 50 were forced to make decisions like borrowing money from children, taking out loans, and cutting down on food or heating.

25% of those ages 50 onwards who moved house in the last three years have been forced to do so, often resulting in unsuitable housing without the ability to wash, use the toilet or leave independently.

Many think that these clients are exempt from the housing crisis as the majority own homes outright. Yet 1.13 million people aged 50 and over are actually renting from private landlords and struggling with the rising costs and inappropriate conditions.

Ten years ago only 651,000 people aged 50 and over lived in privately rented housing.

As housing opportunities have decreased in England, as well as government funding, many over 50s have been forced towards renting privately. This has seen dramatically increased prices with insecure contracts that include strict limitations to housing development.

The research, which includes a YouGov poll of 3,935 people in England aged 50 and over, shows that in order to pay their rent in the last 12 months, 12% of private renters have borrowed money from family and friends, and 3% have borrowed money from their own children. 17 per cent of private renters have had to cut down on food and heating; and one in ten have had to take out a loan, use their overdraft, or use a credit card.

In addition, baby boomers living in all tenures, including the private rented sector, often find themselves in unsuitable housing with almost three fifths (59 per cent) of these have needed changes for over a year.

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