A.I. better at diagnosing skin cancer than humans

Artificial intelligence appears to be able to detect and diagnose skin cancer better than human physicians, according to a controlled study.

International researchers have discussed that AI could become an aid for those diagnosing skin cancer.

Malignant melanoma is on the rise, with 232,000 new cases globally, with around 55,500 deaths per year.

AI has appeared to perform better than dermatologists at diagnosing skin cancer, however the lack of research into the potential lifesaver has led to a stagnation in development. – even if it could reduce the rates of misdiagnosis.

In one aspect of the study, human dermatologists detected 86% of melanomas, as well as identifying an average of 71% of lesions that weren’t malignant.

Yet when the AI took part, their identification rating rose to 95%, and they managed to detect 88% of malignant melanomas.

The researchers concluded: “In conjunction with results from the reader study level-I and -II we could show, that the CNN’s diagnostic performance was superior to most but not all dermatologists.

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