Calls for government to rethink whiplash claim reforms after sharp fall in claims

Calls have been made to the government to rethink whiplash reforms after motor injury claims fell to their lowest figures in ten years.

Last year, the rate of motor injury claims reduced to 650,019, down 21% on previous years, according to data released by the Department for Work and Pensions.

This is the lowest figure since 2008, causing campaigners to call the government demanding a re-think of recent whiplash reforms.

These reforms include setting fixed whiplash claim amounts, as well as ensuring medical evidence is provided for every claim before payout is awarded.

They were included in the Ministry of Justice’s new Civil Liablility Bill, paired with changes to the rate used by insurers to calculate PI payouts.

The government described the changes as a ‘clampdown on the UK’s compensation culture’, which they claim to be the reason car insurance premiums have risen by 8% since 2017.

While the bill is being discussed in the House of Lords this week, Claim Today Solicitor’s Head of Personal Injury, Vicky Blodwell, adds to the calls for a rethink: “What the government proposes will have the greatest effect on the most vulnerable, those who have legitimate claims.”

“The reforms have been made to tackle issues in the insurance market but do little to protect individuals who find themselves in these situations.”

“It’s clear that from such a stark reduction in the number of claims, that there is no compensation culture in this country to tackle, and we should look at steps to ensure that those who do require legal assistance in cases of injury and accidents on the road have that access.”

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