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Life Changing Serious Injury

The Claimant was riding his Motorbike when involved in a serious Road Accident

The Claimant was an 18-year-old student, suffering life changing injury leading to a below-knee amputation after the motorbike he was riding was hit by a car that failed to stop at a red light in June 2019. This demonstrates how relatively minor negligent driving can cause huge catastrophic life changing injury.

The claimant sustained severe lower leg orthopaedic injuries in the accident, including right ankle and metatarsal fractures with significant degloving and neurovascular injuries.

Sadly, to save his injured right leg failed a below-knee amputation was required, leaving significant permanent disability.

The claimant was transferred to his local hospital same the day of the accident and two weeks later was able to return home and continue to receive care and recover at home.

Liability was formally admitted early on in the proceedings. However, the Insurance company wanted to try suggesting contributory negligence would be investigated. This was despite the accident being caused by their insured jumping through through a red light and hitting the claimant  , who had been riding his motorbike lawfully and under the speed limit through traffic lights that were green for him to proceed.

This demonstrates the need to have an expert personal injury specialist like Claim Today representing you with any claim. The Claim time is now if you have suffered injury after a road accident call 0800 29 800 29.


Where there is life changing serious Injury after road accident Claim Today recognise the importance of rebuilding a client’s life with rehabilitation and the worlds best specialist care.

In this case the Solicitors helped the Claimant with interim payments totalling £229,100, the claimant  benefitted from intensive, bespoke and privately funded rehabilitation programme, which included:


Lengthy negotiations can form the basis of serious injury cases with a series of offers being made by the Insurers. In an adversarial system the Insurers wish to settle for as least as possible with Claim Today working to ensure we recover maximum damages for you.  

Negotiations took weeks between the solicitors for both parties, culminating in a further offer a week later that was £250,000 more than the offer made in the first settlement meeting. This £250,000 increase in the settlement sum makes a significant difference to the Claimant.

A multi-million pound settlement was reached to ensure the Claimant will have a chance to rebuild his life after such a terrible and life changing injury.

Claim Today assisting clients since 1999 with serious Injury claims call now for confidential free advice on a No Win No Fee basis and we will come to see you at home.

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