Tenants claimed £7,638 from property firm over pigeon loft

A pigeon-infested loft that has failed to be repaired, has led to a property company being fined the total of £31,026 including £7,638 in compensation to the tenants.

A couple complained to their local council after their landlord failed to act on a complaint about pigeons living in their loft as well as a water leak in their ceiling.

An enforcement officer investigated the flat and issued the landlord with an improvement article. The improvements were carried out, however the landlord ignored the pigeon issue that continued to wake the couple every morning.

The follow up notices were ignored, resulting in a court hearing at which the defendants pleaded not guilty.

However a trial at court found the landlord guilty of failing to comply with the improvement notice, awarding the tenants £4,638 in compensation.

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You may be able to claim against housing disrepair if your landlord has not made repairs to the main structures of the household (such as your walls, roof, stairs and rails, windows, floors), or to the supply of power, water, and gas.

If your landlord has not acted within a reasonable amount of time, you are entitled to make a claim that will compel them to make repairs.

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