Claimant’s Traumatic Brain Injury

Claimant’s Injury

Claimant was 34 years old when she sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a road accident. She was walking home with her husband and two young children after collecting her daughter from school when she was hit by a motorcyclist.


The Claim and Settlement

The motorcyclist denied liability for the accident, but the claim was eventually settled in March 2020. The settlement provided for ongoing loss of earnings and pension, case management, support at home, childcare, and future therapies and treatment.


Life After Settlement

It is now more than three years since the claim settled, and Claimant has continued to make an excellent recovery from her TBI. She still experiences some fatigue, but she manages this by taking a nap most afternoons. She is now effectively managing work, her children, and social and family life.



The therapies arranged through the claim were instrumental in assisting with Claimant’s recovery. When she was discharged from hospital, there was no head trauma support from the NHS. Claimant didn’t know how best to support herself. She had been given leaflets but needed someone to explain what she needed to do. The therapists gave her the tools to manage her TBI, which was lifesaving.


New Job

At the end of February 2023, Claimant was made redundant from her position at Face TV. This was a stressful time as she had not previously had any training in video production. However, she has now found a job for a company called The Staff Canteen, which she will start in May. It is a network platform for chefs that produces podcasts, live events, and videos. Claimant will be working four days a week in her new role as PA to the editor: two at home and two in the office.


New House

Claimant and her family are about to move house. This new house has space for Claimant to continue with her creative crafts, ceramics, and printing. Doing art in her spare time is one of the things that helps her manage her TBI symptoms. The house is close to town, so she can access the town centre without using a car.



Claimant has made a remarkable recovery from her traumatic brain injury. She is now living a full and active life, thanks to the support of her family, friends, and the therapists who helped her along the way.


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