As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union as a member tonight at 11.00pm GMT, you might find that not much changes at all – at least in the short term – thanks to the transition period.

That’s because until the end of the year, the UK will remain bound by the EU’s rules in what is known as a transition period.

The transition period allows eleven months for the two sides to agree new rules and regulations for their new relationship.

While there will be no changes yet in terms of how personal injury claims will be conducted, including with those across other countries in the EU, this will be subject to change depending on how the negotiations go and what laws are passed both in London and in Brussels.

There are currently a number of instruments in place to keep claiming as simple as it can be in instances that include an international component, including laws enshrined in British law and international agreements outside of the European Union, so the hope is that most claiming situations will be unaffected – one such example is with package holiday injuries.

One area where it is unclear is if you were to be involved in an accident in the EU, and wanted to claim from the UK. European laws currently allow UK representatives to identify and claim against insurers whilst remaining in the UK but this will need to be agreed upon to remain the standard.

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