No-win, no-fee compensation

For over twenty years, we’ve been a proud advocate of people being able to claim personal injury compensation without needing to worry about up-front costs for their legal work, or of having to pay out in the event that their case is lost.

At Claim Today Solicitors, we firmly believe that claiming personal injury compensation should be a positive and supportive step in ensuring that you can return to as normal a life as possible, and not something that should cause any extra undue stress, particularly when it comes to your finances.

That’s why we continue to provide personal injury compensation claims on a no-win, no-fee basis. What that means to you is that you only pay us if you are successful in claiming compensation. Also, we deduct directly from the compensation amount, so the amount that’s on your cheque is 100% yours.

Success fee

With changes to the personal injury claimant market and how solicitors can defend claims, successful claimants normally pay a success fee of 15% from their general compensation. This is to ensure that you can make a claim with the support of an experienced personal injury claimant team, and get the fairest possible renumeration after your claim has ended with no hidden fees. Your claim handler will be able to advise you on this further at the time that you start your claim.

In accordance with the law, you will never be deducted more than 25% of your general compensation including the costs of obtaining after-the-event insurance.

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