Claim Today Guide: Protecting Your Serious Injury Claim

Been in an Accident? Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by Insurance Company Surveillance. Download Our Free Guide Today!

Being injured in an accident is stressful enough. But did you know insurance companies may use private investigators to film you after an accident? This footage can be used to try and weaken your claim.

Our Free Guide “Don’t Get Caught Off Camera” equips you with the knowledge to:
  • Understand why insurance companies use surveillance (and in what cases it’s more likely).
  • Protect yourself from misinterpretations of filmed activities
  • Know your rights regarding privacy and using the footage as evidence.
Facing Serious Injury Shouldn’t Mean Facing Deception

At Claim Today, we help accident victims navigate the complexities of personal injury claims, including the challenge of insurance company surveillance.

Download our FREE guide “Don’t Get Caught Off Camera” and learn how to:

  • Maintain daily activities safely, while minimizing the risk of misconstrued footage.
  • Be aware of what insurance companies look for in surveillance videos.
  • Avoid social media pitfalls that could be used against you.
Don’t let hidden cameras hurt your claim. Download your free guide today and protect yourself!
Plus, learn more about Claim Today’s comprehensive support for your personal injury claim, including:
  • Honest representation: We ensure your claim accurately reflects your injuries.
  • Focus on recovery: We handle the legalities while you heal.
  • Transparency throughout: We keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Expert negotiation: We fight for the compensation you deserve.
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