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Claim Today Your Accident at Work:

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Accidents at work

Many of us need to work to support our families and when n work injuries happens it can
cause not only considerable pain and suffering but also emotional stress and financial
difficulty. That’s why the claim time is now with Claim Today ready to assist you.

What to do after an Accident at Work?

This Guide from Claim Today assisting Clients claim compensation after accidents at work
since 1999

What should I do if have an Accident at Work?

Make sure your Accident is Reported and Recorded at Work

There are legal obligations on your employer to record accidents at work. Details to record about accidents at work as follows: Your Employer must include the following details:

Full name, occupation and injury suffered by the staff member.

The date and time of the accident.

The place where the accident happened.

A description of what happened: this can be brief.

Injuries suffered by staff and treatment received.

For More Information About Accident Reporting CLICK TO FORM

Types of accident: list and click to:

Claim Today backing you 100% since  1999

Claim Today backing you 100% since 1999

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Who should I contact or Tell about my Accident at Work?

Claim Time is now contact Claim Today the specialist injury Specialists since 1999

There is limited time after an accident at work to make a claim and sooner you do it the better to preserve evidence and give your claim the best successful outcome, claim time is now where you only have three years to make a claim.

See your GP as soon as you can and detail the injury, pain and suffering, remember to tell the GP it happened at work – this will be recorded in your GP medical records and can be important for your case later on.

We all work to earn income to support ourselves and others when this income is gone due to an accident you may be entitled to benefits Please see:

 disablement-benefit or Contact Claim Today for more information and assistance.

That’s why being injured at work and having to take time off for recovery can be even more stressful for the individual and their family with health, family and financial pressures.

After your accident at work you may have been off work due to the effects of your injury or perhaps even had to give up your job completely because of your accident.

Losing all or part of your work earnings may mean you are unable to pay house and family bills, care for yourself or your family or meet other financial commitments. Claim Time is now to ensure you recover all your loss of earnings and damages for pain and suffering, so don’t hesitate, it’s your right! To claim compensation call Claim Today.

You will naturally feel worried and anxious after your work injury about your job security or money after an accident at work. Don’t worry! With Claim Today the Claim Time is now and we will ensure your rights are pursued and give you every best chance of success, experts in injury

claims since 1999 we are specialists and know how to deal with these matters.

We have acted for work accident clients and handled thousands of successful accidents at work compensation claims for over 22 years.

Don’t delay claim time is now. Do the following after an account:

1. First look after yourself make sure you seek immediate medical attention.

2. Second most important is ensuring you make a report of the accident at work to report what happened ensure one or more of the following

– Ensure report accident to a manager or foreman or supervisor

– Make sure that your employer records the accident in the work accident book

– Ask your co workers to provide witness statements if you can. Ask a colleague or work

friend to do so if you're off work. We want to hear from anyone who saw the accident and also anyone who knows anything about precious near misses, similar problems or the poor system of work, they don’t need to have seen the accident but can tell us about how the job is unsafe generally.

Serious Injury at Work

Claim time is now you only have three years to make a claim
Your employer must report certain accidents and injuries to the Health and Safety Executive If
you’ve been seriously injured and have to go to hospital for any length of stay. 

The Health and Safety Executive investigates cases of serious injury reported to them, we can
obtain their assistance and documents in due course.

Where is my Work Accident Solicitors?

Should I instruct a local Solicitors office ?

Do I need to see my Solicitor ?

people in meeting.

Claim Today are national Solicitors covering all England and Wales. It is important you use specialist solcitors who specialize in the area of Personal Injury practice. Claim Today have been assisting clients with accident at work claims since 1999, we are leading national specialist injury experts.

We do not see you initially in person to start your claim and can take all details via telephone needed to begin your compensation claim. Should we need to see you in person we will make arrangements to meet you.

Communication and regular contact is important for you, you will need access to your Solicitor whenever you need. To ensure you have all the information and contact you have, we provide you with email and a telephone contact, we can also provide you with a direct mobile number and whatsapp number to communicate with our team. This level of access and communication is of the highest level to ensure your accident at work has the best attention.

How do I make a Claim for Accident at Work?

How to make a Claim?

After you have received treatment and care the claim time should not be delayed, call us now, or
email or whatsapp and we will be ready to start your claim.

Make a telephone call to us and we can usually tell you immediately if you have a claim worth
making. We work on a “no win no fee” basis which means we will only take on your case if there is
a reasonable chance of success.

Once you have made contact with us and we have taken all the details of your accident at work,
we don't waste any time and get to work on your behalf immediately. Within days a full letter of
claim setting out your claim and the reasons for liability and fault on the part of your employer will
be sent to the Insurance company they then have three months to investigate and respond fully
with acceptance of the claim or if they reject the claim full reasons and evidence in support.

We will ensure that your job is not affected by making an accident claim, and if you feel it is we
can take very strong and clear action. It is very unusual for an employer to take any action against
an employee for making a claim as the claim made is an insured risk and payment of the
compensation should be met by the Insurer.

It will only cost you only your time and nothing else to make a claim, we work on a “no win no fee”
basis, that means if for any reason your case does not succeed you pay nothing.
We work hard to ensure your claim is delta within a reasonable time scale and do not wish to
keep you waiting for your compensation which is your right and entitlement.

Claim Today backing you 100% since  1999

Claim Today backing you 100% since 1999

Freephone : 0800 29 800 29
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No-Win, No-Fee compensation claims

With Claim Today, you won’t have to pay any legal fees up front to make a claim. Successful claimants normally pay a success fee of 25% from their compensation. This is to ensure that you can make a claim without worrying about the finances of it, and get the fairest possible renumeration after your claim has ended with no hidden fees.

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