Road Safety Team: Project Edward Meet Claim Today Director

DS Bal Director and Solicitor at Claim Today met the Project Edward team members Ian Greenman and Keanan Lloyd-Adams to support their Presence in Birmingham City Centre.

The 2023 Project EDWARD week of action is taking place from Monday 15 – Friday 19 May to coincide with the UN Global Road Safety Week.

Along the way, some of the most influential thought leaders in road safety will be invited to come along for the ride and join the team ‘on the road’ to share their insights and experience. In addition to the road trip stops, contributions will be coming in from all four corners of the United Kingdom as we feature projects from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

On Day Three of the National Tour the Project Edward Team invited DS Bal of Claim Today to support their message in Birmingham City Centre, DS Bal said “We need to keep reminding all communities of importance road safety messaging from rear seat passengers wearing seatbelts to Pedestrians using road crossing and cyclists taking extra care – we are pleased to do our part by engaging all communities with road safety


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