Puffin Crossing to Be Installed in Thurlby

  • Lincolnshire County Council plans to install a £100,000 Puffin crossing in Thurlby.
  • The crossing will be located on the A15, close to the Horseshoe Public House.
  • It is being installed in response to concerns about safety in the area.
  • There was one accident in the area in the last three years.
  • The crossing is expected to cost around £90,000.
  • The Planning and Regulation Committee will be asked to approve the plans on Monday.

Other Safety Measures to Be Considered

  • Councillors will also be asked to approve a number of other measures to improve safety in the area.
  • These include new parking restrictions on three Grantham Roads.
  • Further waiting restrictions and limited waiting bays in Pinchbeck.
  • A reduction of the speed limit on Broadgate, in Sutton St Edmund.

New Parking Restrictions on Three Grantham Roads

  • The council is proposing to introduce new waiting restrictions and bus stop clear ways on Gonerby Road, Gonerby Hill Foot and Stephenson Avenue.
  • The restrictions are being introduced in response to concerns about on street parking and heavy traffic flows.
  • Three objections have been received from local residents.
  • The council said there is “alternative parking opportunity” on several nearby roads.
  • Blue badge holders can park on the restrictions for up to three hours.

Further Waiting Restrictions and Limited Waiting Bays in Pinchbeck

  • Councillors had previously considered the matter in May 2022.
  • They had deferred a decision while they waited to see if a change of business owner along the road would have an impact.
  • Officers will, however, tell councillors that the parking issues were “still evident”.
  • Although the objections from nearby residents still stand, officers say the new measures will control persistent long-term parking and ensure access to local businesses is maintained.

Reduction of the Speed Limit on Broadgate, in Sutton St Edmund

  • Councillors will also be asked to consider a reduction of the speed limit on Broadgate, in Sutton St Edmund, from 40mph to 30mph.
  • It follows a request from a local member and surveys at the site show mean speeds along the road at between 34-36mph.


  • The council is taking a number of steps to improve safety in the area.
  • These include installing a new Puffin crossing, introducing new parking restrictions and reducing the speed limit on some roads.
  • The measures are expected to make the area safer for pedestrians and drivers.
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