Winters here – Dark Mornings and Early Nights – Vitamin D Supplements


A sure sign of the winter’s onset is the clocks going back, giving us a welcome an extra hour’s sleep.

While we may have had a sunnier morning when waking – grey skies permitting, we will notice it getting darker much earlier in the evenings, whatever the season it’s always claim time for us, assisting injured people through darkness or light.

Risks increase in the Dark

We don’t need a reminder to be more cautious on the roads in the dark, all the statistics show a higher number of more serious injuries occur on the roads under the cover of darkness.

The Statistics

Research and data show the risk of you having an accident increase by 11%1 between the winter months of October to November. Even higher risks occur in the time of peak traffic or rush hour between 5pm and 8pm the risks increase by a staggering 31%1. Should you be unfortunately in an accident make a claim for your rightful injury damages whenever the time suits you by calling us.

How to keep Safe

To help you, here’s some of our top tips on how to stay safe:

  • Keep an extra keen eye out for cyclists without lights, and pedestrians who may be wearing darker clothing
  • Turn on your headlights, whatever the time of day
  • Always keep your headlights clean and clear
  • Slow down when visibility is less
  • Keep your windscreen clean to avoid increased glare
  • Avoid driving up to the speed limit so that you can quickly react to unexpected situations
  • Keep your interior light off. Pull over in a safe place and only use when car is stationary.


Claim Time can be in the Winter or Summer, whenever you suffer an accident Claim Today are here for you – everyday of every season

As a Pedestrian there are extra steps you can take to keep safe in the Winter Dark mornings and nights: a few safety tips that you want to keep in mind as a pedestrian so that you don’t fall and injure yourself or get hit by a car.


If at all possible, don’t use your smartphone when you’re walking. It’s okay to take photos, where you want to stand still while taking them so that you can pay attention to your surroundings and other road users.

When you use a phone while walking, it could result in not paying attention to traffic or other people who are walking nearby.


Winter is time to wear clothing that makes you visible when you’re outside. If you don’t have bright clothing use brightly coloured tape or add visibility stripes to your jacket sleeves or on the sides of your trousers. You can always remove the visibility tape after you reach your destination.


The shoes that you wear should be supportive for winter walking. Even if you don’t expect to walk on snow or ice, cold temperatures can sometimes make your feet hurt. Well insulated and comfortable shoes can often decrease this feeling, making it easier to walk longer distances.

Boots are ideal for walking through snow. Make sure your shoes have good tread on them if there could be any icy spots on sidewalks or city streets so that you don’t slip and fall.

You May also be Interested In: Claim Time:

If you do suffer an accident or injury as a pedestrian time to claim is now: Call Claim Today 0800 29 800 29


Instead of waiting until later in the day to go for a walk, try to plan ahead so that you complete your chores or job in the middle of the day when there is more light.

Here are some suggestions for planning ahead when walking:

  • Go out when it’s sunny or dry
  • Wait until most people are at work; less busy roads
  • Leave early so that you don’t have to hurry
  • Travel Light, avoid too much baggage


If you plan to go heavy shopping, then consider taking a bus or car instead of walking. Watch where you step so that you don’t trip, and if you happen to walk through the snow or rain, tread carefully so that you don’t slip and lose your balance.

Crossing the Road

Cross the street at traffic lights, paying close attention to drivers as some might make dangerous movements while others might not always let pedestrians go first when they turn into a side road.

Eye Contact

One way that you may decrease the risk of an accident is by making eye contact with drivers to ensure that they know you’re there. Make sure they make contact back before you cross the road.

Should an accident occur when you are driving, what should you do?

First: Get Medical Attention for any inured persons

  1. Stop at the scene safely and alert others with hazard lights or a warning triangle.
  2. Check if everyone’s OK and call the emergency services if needed
  3. Take everyone’s details, including passengers and witnesses – names, phone numbers, car registration, etc.
  4. Make a video on your telephone and take photographs if safe to do so
  5. Take note of the details whilst is fresh on your mind
  6. Claim Time is now Call Claim Today soon as you can when safe to do so.
  7. We recommend saving our Claims Freephone 0800 29 800 29 on your phone in case of any accident or injury.

Claim Today say the claim time is now no matter what the season or time of Year

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