Claim Today Solicitor working since 1997 for Injured Clients sets out all you need to Know about Pedestrian Injury Claims

Introduction A pedestrian accident is a type of motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian, typically involving a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian, causing injury or death. Pedestrian accidents can occur in a variety of settings, including, roads, footpaths, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, zebra crossing and car parks. Motorists must exercise extra caution when driving in […]

All your Questions Answered by Claim Today Expert Lawyer for 25 years specialising in Accident at Work claims

What causes Accidents at work? There can be many reasons behind accidents in the workplace, some of these are: – Dangerous working practices – Inadequate or non-existent Safety or Protective Equipment – Insufficient risk assessments. – Preventable spillages and contamination – Unsatisfactory or poorly enforced safety procedures sometimes called Condoned unsafe working – Badly maintained […]

Accident Or Injury Making Your Existing Medical Condition Worse

Introduction: Recent Case in Court: Sklair v Haycock In an Injury or personal injury claim, you may have a pre-existing condition: this means you are already suffering from an illness or medical condition which is then made worse by the accident and injury. In these cases we work with you to ensure the claim time […]

<strong>New Attack on Access to Justice for Seriously Injured Clients</strong>

Further Extension of Fixed Costs It was announced on 18th November 2022 that the fixed recoverable costs regime would not be extended to include larger serious injury multi-track cases until October 2023 : if you have a serious injury the claim time is now! Claim Time is now for Serious Injury: Call Claim Today 0800 […]

<strong>Claim Time halted:</strong>

Spinal cord injuries, Serious injury Specialists.

Thousands of hybrid personal injury claims: Stuck in Court What is Happening? Claimant Solicitors are coming together to form a cross-sector working group to gain more clarity on mixed injury claims. They will develop test cases to take to the Court of Appeals in which the victim has obtained both whiplash injuries and other injuries […]

Winters here – Dark Mornings and Early Nights – Vitamin D Supplements

Introduction A sure sign of the winter’s onset is the clocks going back, giving us a welcome an extra hour’s sleep. While we may have had a sunnier morning when waking – grey skies permitting, we will notice it getting darker much earlier in the evenings, whatever the season it’s always claim time for us, […]

Myth 5: I’ll lose my job if I claim against my employer

Myth 5 claim clock

A common worry about making a claim for an accident at work is that doing so could put the claimant’s job at risk. This is simply not true, as it is illegal for an employer to let someone go because of a claim. There are strict rules and laws around dismissal and it’s against the […]

Myth 4: People who claim are just after free money

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There’s a common belief that the UK has a ‘claims culture’, which brings with it the idea that people who make a claim just want an easy way to make money. This is untrue and can make people with genuine injuries feel unfairly guilty about making a compensation claim and pursuing their legal right. Compensation […]

Myth 3: I’ll have to go to court

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Many people who get in touch with us are worried that claiming will mean they’ll have to go to court, but in reality, more than 95% of our cases are settled without ever going near a courtroom. In the rare case that a claimant does have to go to court, their specialist solicitor will be […]

Myth 2 It’s somehow Wrong to Claim!

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Many people have been given the impression its wrong to claim compensation or somehow not “proper” by a long running campaign in the press by the Insurance Industry: they simply wish to put people off from claiming so they can make millions pounds more in profit each year! New research has highlighted a range of […]