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Many people have been given the impression its wrong to claim compensation or somehow not “proper” by a long running campaign in the press by the Insurance Industry: they simply wish to put people off from claiming so they can make millions pounds more in profit each year!

New research has highlighted a range of common myths that are skewing the nation’s understanding of compensation and restricting access to claiming for injury as a result.

A YouGov study uncovered a number of reasons why almost a third of people in Britain would be reluctant to make a claim for compensation after an accident that wasn’t their fault – even though the overwhelming majority (85%) felt it would be fair for others to do so.

The research showed that too many people would decide not to make a claim because of falsehoods that are fueled by the so-called ‘compensation culture’, there is no such thing!

People are now making less claims than they ever did due to the successful campaign by Insurance companies to “put people off”

The Law Gazette in March 2020 reported:

The number of personal injury claims made in England and Wales has fallen to its lowest level since 2011, new figures have confirmed.

Civil justice statistics published last week by the Ministry of Justice show that just under 27,000 PI claims were issued in the final three months of 2019 – down 5% on the previous quarte

Personal injury claims fall again to eight-year low in 2020 and since the Pandemic will have fallen even further

There is no compensation culture in fact the reverse, the Insurance companies have been so effective with their campaigns to restrict access to justice and give the impression its wrong to claim – many ordinary working people are failing to claim their legal entitlement to compensation.

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