A serious personal injury can occur due to the fault of your local authority, time to claim for your tripping injury, call or sms us now

We understand that if you’re seriously injured, you might not think about claiming compensation. Instead, you’ll be focusing on recovering from your injuries, this is the right approach please seek all treatment you can.

To safeguard your claim there are some important steps you should think about early on and we suggest you do as follows:

As soon as you can report the accident to your local authority by telephone or email or post giving date and location.

Take photographs of where the accident happened, this is important to do as soon as you can, take care to photograph the defect which resulted in your fall or trip, be careful to point out the actual pot-hole or broken pavement

any witnesses to the accident record their details carefully

Measure the defect if possible or put a coin against it and photograph it to show its relative size

It is important to record as much evidence for your claim as possible, these cases can be difficult and the local authority may deny responsibility for what happened and deny fault.

We will work hard to ensure you get the amount of compensation you deserve.

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