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The Law Society Gazette reports : “Whiplash portal ‘needs saving’ with claim numbers still low

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The Law Society report “Fears about injured people not being able to claim through the new whiplash portal are borne out by the latest data….Official Injury Claim yesterday published its third set of user statistics, covering the period from 1 December to 31 March, which show that the vast majority of claims continue to be from represented people…..Of the 95,266 claims made in the period, 91% came from people with representation, with around three quarters using a law firm”

This means the vast majority of clients need help and assistance to navigate the complexity of the Whiplash Portal to ensure they receive proper and adequate compensation to which they are entitled.  Claim Today making claiming whiplash easy and stress free – call us now

A staggering almost 12,000 claims exiting the portal, this means there claims were rejected, withdrawn or failed.

The Motor Accidents Solicitors Society said that, despite road traffic volumes being at near pre-Covid levels since last May, the OIC has registered only 209,442 claims. This compares with the 650,000 claims registered in the last full year before the pandemic. Sue Brown, chair of MASS, said: ‘Such a dramatic fall cannot be attributed to the impact of Covid-19 and general economic factors, but must be associated directly with issues around the OIC and the new claims process.

The whiplash portal was created on the basis that clients would be able to represent themselves. Estimates suggest the proportion of people doing the claims DIY themselves  might be as low as just 9% of claims have come from people making a claim without a lawyer such as Claim Today.

Brown added: ‘The combination of low volumes of claims and the low numbers of unrepresented claimants strongly indicates that many accident victims are either unsure about how to make a claim, are reluctant to make a claim without representation or are unable to pursue a claim through the OIC. All of these conclusions carry concerns about the structure and fairness of the new claims process and need to be investigated thoroughly.’

The Association of Consumer Support Organisations said the portal, funded by the insurance industry, needed to be ‘saved from failure’. Matthew Maxwell Scott, executive director, said: ‘An urgent rethink is required in order to prevent complete sclerosis in the civil justice system. The OIC was meant to make it easy for injured people to settle their claim, but this self-evidently is not happening. As a result the justice system, already creaking from record court delays, risks falling over a cliff.’

The Government body who created the Whiplash Portal the OIC said it is ‘still early days’ in the life of the service and too soon to draw meaningful conclusions.

It is clear the whiplash portal was designed to deter and prevent people making their legitimate claim for compensation. Call Claim Today since 1999 to ensure you receive your entitlement to whiplash compensation.

Don’t Delay and let your Whiplash Claim get caught up in the claims portal, call Claim Today to ensure your receive your compensation.


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