Solihull Council has paid out over £187,000 in public accident injury compensation since 2015

Potholes like this one have caused local authorities including Solihull Council to pay out on personal injury claims (Photo: Editor5807, Wikimedia)

According to a Freedom of Information request, Solihull Council in the West Midlands has had to pay out £187,942 in personal injury compensation for accidents that have happened in the public domain.

That number is set to rise further still as claims made last year are yet to settle.

Since 2015, the local authority has received 358 personal injury claims and paid out on 48 of them.

The majority of claims is seemingly due to injuries arising from accidents on a footpath or due to a pothole in the road.

The largest claim successes against the council for example include an incident regarding a pothole that saw a successful claim of £20,000, and a claim of £10,820 was successful for an accident involving a tree root underneath the pavement.

Signs of improvement

However, there are signs that the tide is turning.

Last year, Solihull Council only paid out £18,539 to five claimants – a third of the average annual sum and the number of successful claimants over each of the previous three years before that.

For this financial year, there are 43 claims made, a 45% reduction of the number of claims as of current.

What this means is that safety processes in public areas are being addressed, and as a result there are less accidents, and less serious injuries as a result of negligence from the local authority.

Public accident injuries

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