Winters here – Dark Mornings and Early Nights – Vitamin D Supplements

Introduction A sure sign of the winter’s onset is the clocks going back, giving us a welcome an extra hour’s sleep. While we may have had a sunnier morning when waking – grey skies permitting, we will notice it getting darker much earlier in the evenings, whatever the season it’s always claim time for us, […]

One Dishonesty for the powerful and another for the Ordinary Claimant

In the High Court case of Jenkinson v Robertson [2022] EWHC 791 Mr Justice Choudhury overturned a finding of fundamental dishonesty. This case highlights the need to give a Claimant adequate notice of allegations of fundamental dishonesty and provide them with sufficient time to properly respond. Claimant found Dishonest The Claimant sustained injuries in a […]

Flexible Working – Not as Great as we might Think

The famous economist John Maynard Keynes Keynes said we could all be working a 15-hour week by now, however this remains a distant hope. The type of work also seems to have changed in the past decades, people now say they are working harder to greater pressure under greater levels of stress. In the UK […]

Beware: Court’s Harsh Decision against Seriously Injured Pedestrian

Don’t Delay…Claim Today Backing you 100% since 1999 Case Example: Sallah v Mahmood – June 2022 A serious life changing head injury was dismissed by HHJ Bird following a liability trial. A serious injury claim after a Pedestrian was hurt with life changing injuries and should have received around £500,000 in compensation failed at Court […]

Claim Today since 1999

Busting the Myths about Claiming for Compensation Myth 1 : I will have to pay to claim  What is no win no fee and how does it work? No Win No Fee means if you don’t win your no win no fee claim, you pay nothing to anyone – it’s as simple as that. What […]

Claim Today representing Seriously Injured Clients since 1999

Recent Case Study Life Changing Serious Injury The Claimant was riding his Motorbike when involved in a serious Road Accident The Claimant was an 18-year-old student, suffering life changing injury leading to a below-knee amputation after the motorbike he was riding was hit by a car that failed to stop at a red light in […]

Busting the myths of personal injury claims

Its Right to Claim! Many people have been given the impression its wrong to claim compensation or somehow not “proper” by a long running campaign in the press by the Insurance Industry: they simply wish to put people off from claiming so they can make millions pounds more in profit each year! New research has […]

The Amount of Compensation for Pain & Suffering in Personal Injury Claims

How is Compensation for pain and suffering calculated? Solicitors use the judicial college guidelines (JSB) which were updated on 13 April 2022 The Judicial College Guidelines is an assessment of General Damages i.e. pain and suffering caused by an accident , used to determine the value of a personal injury claim. Note that the Guidelines […]

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) publish report highlighting the personal impact that injuries from medical negligence can have on patients and their families

The Value of Compensation, published in January 2022, reminds us that claims against the NHS are about more than ‘spiralling litigation costs’, or other sensationalist terms used by politicians and medical Defence organisations to justify reducing patients’ rights that we see all too often in the media. Such behaviour unfairly deflects attention from the severe suffering […]